Can we escape from sadness or fear?

Let me begin with a short story:

I was just starting the 5th grade when the new math teacher entered the room. He was very confident and very present. Looking at us with a warm and joyful face, he told us that no matter how weak we were at math till then, if we’ll learn what he will teach us, then we can be the best. He continued telling us that he can say this because his experience allows him to be 100% sure that this will happen.

This completely moved me and I had a feeling that my whole life could really change. Till then I was barely remembering the multiplication and I though that I am just stupid and there is nothing else in me. Starting that day, I have given everything I had and I have become the best in the classroom. I have participated in local and regional competitions and this has lifted my self-esteem and happiness more than everything at that time of my life.

What I have learnt from this story is that if we’re always doing our best and if we’re expecting and see the best in all the people around us, the world can change. I truly believe this. This is something that moves people and makes them become better. There is not a single people who would not genuinely want to be better. That’s what I think.

There are 2 things we can learn from this story: one, we can help other people to lift up to their highest potential just by showing them what they could be (and instead of telling them this, I suggest to behave with them as if they are already that way) and second, we, at our turn, we HAVE to believe beyond any doubt that we can do more, that we can be more, that there are limitless resources within us and to start believe in ourselves, force ourselves to believe in us, to  behave with us as if we are already what we want to be. I think the main focus should be not on what we want to HAVE but on what we want to BE.

Coming back to the main topic of this article, I would only say that one month ago I consciously decided that I do not want to let my mind control my life, I won’t let my thoughts think myself, the fear or sadness control who I am and what I do.

Hey, I said: if sadness or fear are created by my mind, then that means I can stop creating it. I can stop building these mental constructions which sometimes have nothing to do with reality anyway.

So I think practicing some special breath exercise (more about these in a new article), while telling yourself that you can be more, that you can be stronger, that you are stronger and happy can really make miracles. Yes, it might feel like you will have to force yourself a little bit at the beginning but I guess that’s what should happen at the beginning.

What are your opinions about this and what are your strategies for becoming mentally strong or for improving your stamina?